Effective video doesn't just happen!

An idea gives birth to a storyline,
and then quality video and sound on raw footage
 that is edited for interest and impact
and then polished with graphics and special effects
and finally output in the format or formats you need.

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Video Production...  its all about
sound and light!
Quality video depends on correct and creative lighting and almost thirty years of masterful and dynamic studio lighting as portrait and commercial photographers gives your presentation or training video a polished look that ads
impact and credibility to your program.

Careful attention to sound levels using the latest digital technology insures that the message or the dialog comes through with volume and clarity. Our ability to monitor and mix multiple sound sources during a shoot adds versatility and uncompromised quality to the original audio.


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Video Production...   
 its all about the "cut"!

Whether its a wedding or an emotionally charged presentation or documentary Lloyd Dennis Photography brings both a special sensitivity for emotional moments and a tireless dedication to the "cut": editing, graphics and post production work that turns raw video into a production that effectively communicates and holds the viewer.
In our hands a long and 'boring" event comes alive, holding the attention of its viewers while expressing the "moment".



Graphics & Special Effects...     
its all about technology!

Before Lloyd Dennis became a photographer, he was a computer technician, this technology background comes through in our use of custom built computers and top shelf software to add impact, interest and information to your production


Output in the format or formats you need.
We are equipped to edit and manipulate video and images in many different ways. Whether you need video for broadcast, DVDs, video on CD, or video for Internet use we can deliver your finished production in many forms depending on your distribution needs.