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Scroll down for a list of recent weddings
Click on the names to see a collection of images from their wedding day.

 (These digital images are only provided as a fun way to see
a friend's or relative's wedding quickly on the web.

Hanaiya Pritchett marries Everett Jones
June 18, 2011

Nicole White marries Derek Nieves
May 22, 2010

Germaine Foster marries Demetrius Preatto
April 17, 2010

Arnecia Dorsey marries Don White
October 25, 2009

Simone Bonner marries James Hutchinson, III
August 22, 2009

Julia Lundy marries Danny Winfreyl 

August 1, 2009

Amelia Annette Neveaux marries Emile Henry Clay, III
March 28, 2009

Beryl Ragas marries Lamone Convington
December 26, 2008

Veronica Lynn Tuckerson marries André Alexander Jr.
December 20, 2008